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We're all mad here...

I'm not all there myself.

11 March 1988
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I'm a 23 year old girl, recently graduated from UNC (that's University of Northern Colorado, not North Carolina.) I now have a bachelors in anthropology (minoring in psychology) and am desperately seeking someplace that that means something and makes me employable. Someday I hope to work in a museum, but grad school is a bit beyond my reach right now.

Other than that... my interests list and community membership probably say more than the bio. I love some quiet indoor pursuits such as reading, gaming, and movie-watching, but I also love hiking, photography, and other outdoorsy things.

Girlfriend of failuresofine <3

Sister of skibobsmells

Other places to find me:
I have a tumblr: http://mistressofmuses.tumblr.com/
And two blogs: http://horrormuse.blogspot.com/ where I talk about horror things, mostly of the horror movie review type, and http://outdoormuse.blogspot.com/ where most of my posts about hiking and such will go. If I post anything there, I'll probably link to the post on my LJ, though at the moment there isn't much content there.
I've also got a Facebook, which you can ask me for if you're interested. :P

If you want to talk to me or anything, comment on my journal, or email me, or something. I'm a friendly enough person!